Pelor Mitternacht
Pelor MitternachtDr. Pelor Mitternacht is an irritable, paranoid and wearily miserable former mad scientist trying to go straight for the first time in his life. He’s not just running from his past - he’s running from ex boyfriends, former colleagues, interdimensional police and bounty hunters, sometimes all before lunch. He struggles to rediscover his self worth despite his incredible genius, but hides it under a charming layer of compulsive sarcasm, bitterness and a mean sense of humor.





Aesop Fable is a narcissistic and self obsessed author, known to be one of the greatest mages in the known Universe. It's unknown why he joined EOS being a former criminal himself. If his self absorption and contempt for others is a mask, he wears it well. Apart from writing, he also dabbles in alchemy and tries to learn any and all branches of magic he can, especially the rarer ones. He's sophisticated, graceful and breathtakingly gorgeous, all facts of which he is well aware. 





Astral's spent most of her life hidden away in military bases at the paranoid request of her father, which gives her a rather naive view of the world. Instead, she throws herself into her duties as a mechanical engineer, and as an on-site medic, making use of her extensive scientifitic and technological skills. Her general curiousity curbs her to many hobbies, the least of which include sneaking candy into her workshop and being unable to grasp the concept of a secret.








Mr. Schadenclad

Mr. Schadenclad lives in darkness, surrounded at all times by strange creatures of shadow who seem to bend to his every whim. His awkward speech patterns and stiff manners are off putting. Apart from his terrible habit of approaching strangers in bathrooms, bookstores and dark seedy alleyways, not much is known about him. He hides a ruthless mind with a polite and eccentric sort of charm but struggles to understand the seemingly foreign world around him.