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Hiatus, Apologies and Explanation

So, the reason for my radio silence, if it hasn't been a little obvious, is because I am in the process of moving, am relatively new to a very busy and full-time job and am also very depressed (but okay, no worries). So, this is way overdue because of anxiety and all that business, but PoS is on hiatus. IT IS NOT OVER. I will be getting back to it when things have settled down, but in the current state, it takes me too long to do each page. 

I actually have a plan, too! Soon, PoS will have a new colourist. I enjoy colouring, but nowhere NEAR as much as I enjoy inking, drawing and writing. This will make the process faster and, hopefully, nicer. With that, I hope to be able to go back to once a week, but I'll likely ramp up slowly to ensure I don't fizzle out again like a madman. 

Thanks to all who stayed by me, and those who didn't see a lack of updates and go "fuck this guy/girl". I will get back to it, I think about the story all the time and I often write it, but I'm fighting an uphill battle with most things in my life and sadly, this had to take the back seat for a while. Love you all and I dearly hope you understand. <3

by teraquad

Back Again!

I want to apologize again for my extended abscence, but also reassure you all that I do intend to keep this comic going for as long as I can, lapses aside. I'm sure we've all had life get in the way of things and for me, it was bouts of depression, my beloved kitty dying and all kinds of other junk that kept me from wanting to pick up my pen and continue. 

Boring/sad life stuff aside, you can always still view my sketch/art blog on Tumblr, keep up to date with my competed artwork on Deviantart and bug me on Twitter! Tumblr's where I spend most of my time, and if you're rolling your eyes I can promise you I don't contantly reblog stuff (god, that bugs me). You'll see character artwork, panel previews and the occassional rant about politics because I still gots to be me, right? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season! I'll be updating a couple of times before then, along with a super special Christmas card I've been waiting to draw for a looooong time!

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by teraquad


Right, so I don't often make blog posts, nor do I really intend to. I did want to say to my new subscribers -- thank you! To the old ones -- thank you for the patience! I'm a good storyteller, but I'm so very disorganized, and that's something I hope to change this coming New Years. :)

The main point of the post is to let you guys know that all kinds of extra content (new character concepts, sketches and full-colour paintings) are readily available on my Tumblr account!. I update it pretty regularly, so you should be happy with what you see if you like the comc so far and want to see more. :) 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years to everyone! I hope it's safe, happy and much more fortunate than Pelor's is bound to be. :D

- Athena D. (teraquad)

by teraquad

Hello World!

First blog post here on Comic Fury. Hope everything on the site seems navigable, let me know if anything breaks! :D I believe anyone can comment now, so give it a shot!


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