Point of Singularity is a comic project by 22 year old Athena Dykman, a Canadian based artist.

Athena was born in Hamilton, Ontario and managed to escape to Toronto at the age of 11, where she’s been mostly living since then. She boasts an odd sense of humor, a seriously addictive interest in politics and likes to read graphic novels, comic books and classic lit in her spare time.
Professionally, she has been writing since she was 8 years old, has been published since she was 15 and works currently as a freelance editor and content writer for websites all over the world. Her love of art began mostly at the age of 10 and she hasn’t stopped since. Her biggest influences among authors are Alan Moore, Margaret Atwood, Herman Hesse, Khalil Gibran and Douglas Adams. As for art influence, she’s crazy about Miwa Shirow and also admires the art stylings of Kazuya Minekura, Atsushi Okubo, Benjamin Constant and Gene Ha, among others.

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